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Let’s be honest and cut through the resume fluff. You need a customized implementation, trained marketing staff and the organizational adoption of marketing automation. In essence want a marketing transformation program that exceeds expectations. Long story short, that’s what I do. If you want to learn more about working with me, give me a call (or email).

I lead and deliver custom Eloqua implementations, full service Eloqua campaign work and bespoke client requested custom solutions.


Enterprize level Eloqua implementations that are delivered in a controlled, efficient and phased manner utlizing and upskilling as many or as few of your team you wish.



Full service Eloqua execution work including email/landing page build, form integration wrapped up in an automated workflow followed by reporting.


Bespoke one-off requests that require more thought such CRM integration, custom preference centers, anything over and above full service work.

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Eloqua Blog:  Lead Nurturing Markie – Runner Up

Eloqua Blog: Lead Nurturing Markie – Runner Up

I am going to switch tack with some more theoretical posts rather than the technical ones.  Before I begin though I feel it is appropriate to establish my credibility though in the field as a marketer.  It was 2011 and I returned to work at Axios Systems back up in...

Best time to send email: Eloqua Send Time Optimization

Best time to send email: Eloqua Send Time Optimization

As a marketer you have so many decisions you need to make when planning your Eloqua email campaign, namely: The subject line The call to action Content personalization Send time Email send time is the one decision that is a problem for even the most experienced email...

Eloqua Blog: New Topics

Eloqua Blog: New Topics

It has come to the time of year where I need to ask you all what you want me to write about next.  Please use the poll below to vote for the topics you want covered, you can also add your own topics...  so...

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