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SSE Electricity

SSE is a UK-listed energy company with operations and investments across the UK and Ireland. It is primarily a developer (which includes being a builder), an operator and an owner of low-carbon energy assets and businesses, with a strategic focus on regulated electricity networks and renewable energy.

More broadly, SSE is involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity, the production, storage, distribution and supply of gas and in the provision of energy-related services.

Client Challenge

SSE needed two people to join their DevOps team.  The SSE DevOps team mainly consisted of people that worked primarily on the integration between their backend databases and Eloqua.

There were a number of initiatives that took place and this role was primarily spent researching additional enhancements to Eloqua.

The majority of the work was dealing with things that the marketing department and campaign manager contractors could not handle.


This job was a DevOps team with standard three week sprints.  SSE were in the process of moving from waterfall to Agile methodology and all of the team were getting used to this new way of doing things and my managers were also doing agile courses at the same time as their day jobs.

My work was sporadic and in all sports of different areas so it is hard to define the exact approach as it was ongoing requests based off whatever heavy lifting or research in to integration that the marketing department required.


First of all SSE Retail got bought over by OvO, then when COVID hit, I lost my job so I was not able to find out what impact the Eloqua work had.

I hope that the SSE DevOps team will be alright.  All their platforms are changing with the OvO buy out and they had all worked there for very, very long time.  I think the new guy to the DevOps team had worked there for 18 years and the longest serving member celebrated his 40th Anniversary working for SSE!

Greg Staunton

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