HMH: Eloqua campaign reporting on SFDC Dashboards

Jun 11, 2021

Client Challenge

HMH approached Automate2Revenue who I was contracted to with the following objectives:

  1. Deliver SFDC CMO dashboards in Early 2021 that reflect current lead management state
  2. Agree on an approach for lead and campaign management using industry best practices
  3. Demonstrate how implementing the proposed Lead Management and Campaign Management strategy will:
    • Meet both current and prospective customer needs
    • Help achieve transformational goals and revenue objectives
    • Address internal data pain points

Their issues surrounded two distinct areas that needed to be addressed in order to facilitate accurate CMO dashboards in SFDC that would allow granular reporting that was robust enough to drill right down into the return on investment of each campaign on each medium.

As well as optimizing their approach to campaigns so we could build the SFDC dashboards the following other issues needed to be addressed

Lead Management
  • Missing key data on lead and contact records
  • 43,924 leads rejected this year. (26k in September likely due to a clean up)
  • Too many values for lead status
  • No consistency between lead and account status
  • 41,258 with no Original Lead Source
  • Inadequate user experience due to digital experience with forms on website
Campaign Management
  • Channels are inconsistent and often not accurate
  • Campaigns are created in Workfront with little to no connection to Eloqua
  • Social campaigns created in Sprinklr
  • Google Ads inconsistent and not able to be tracked currently in Eloqua or Salesforce through automated means
  • Campaign responses are inconsistent
  • Webinars are not currently tracked effectively


I took a backwards approach, back tracking from the goal, namely creating these CMO dashboards in Eloqua.  Below is an overview of the technical solution design.

HMH Eloqua Solution Overview

Solution overview

I broke out the following areas that needed to be addresses in order to facilitate Eloqua feeding SFDC the appropriate data to facilitate custom CMO dashboards.

  1. Minimum mandatory fields
  2. Eloqua / SFDC integration app migration
  3. Standardize campaign templates
  4. Sprinklr / GA / Eloqua integration
  5. Template form types
  6. Marketing lead status
  7. Workfront integration
  8. Rejected & recycled lead program
  9. 2020 lead source program
Solution 1: Minimum mandatory fields set

The following items were addreses

  • Minimum mandatory fields needed to be for contact data
  • Picklists created for:
    • Lead status
    • UTM Medium
    • UTM Source
    • UTM Campaign
    • UTM Term

UTM Source, Campaign and Term are self explanatory, UTM Medium was finally agreed and the marketing lead source set to this:

Lead Source (UTM_Medium) Description
CPC All digital paid advertising, including paid social
EMAIL Internal HMH customer-facing emails
SOCIAL All organic posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
PRINT Print advertising booked through the agency
PAID MEDIA Digital advertising booked through the agency for education-specific sites and emails with limited audiences
DIGITAL PRINT Digital versions of the print ads above
EXTERNAL EMAIL Subset of paid media; dedicated, advertorial emails sent out through partners.
MICROSITE A specific subset of paid media;
DIRECT MAIL Print materials (brochures, flyers, postcards) distributed through mail, sales reps, and online
SEARCH Incoming traffic from Search engines
Solution 2: Eloqua / SFDC integration app migration

As of the 21st February 2021 Oracle no longer supported Eloqua native integration studio

This presents the opportunity to:

  • Redesign and fully map the SFDC integration
  • Implement closed loop reporting – even though our actual reporting was to be done using lead, contact, campaign member and opportunity objects in SFDC.


HMH ELoqua SFDC Integration Migration
Solution 3: Standardized campaign templates

We developed standard campaign canvas workflow templates for:

  • One shot emails
  • Lead nurture
  • Tradeshows
  • Webinars
  • Sampling site


HMH Standardized Eloqua Campaign Templates
Solution 4: Eloqua / Sprinklr integration

Install and setup Sprinklr integration apps:

  • Sprinklr / GA integration
  • Sprinklr / Eloqua integration

SRC: https://www.sprinklr.com/apps

HMH Eloqua Spriinklr integration
Solution 5: Template form types

Template forms for were created for all form types

We then used this opportunity to move into progressive profiling but that did mean a landing page template standardization by type

HMH Eloqua template form
Solution 7: Workfront integration

We explored Eloqua / Workfront integration how ever it ended with not being required – The Workfront integration still isn’t suitable for Eloqua, you can read more about it in my in depth blog post: https://greg-staunton.com/eloqua-workfront-integration – Seriously though you are better off with Oracle Content Manager or Compendium in old money.

HMH Eloqua Compendium Integration Integration
Solution 8: Rejected and Recycled lead program

REJ leads will be analyzed and the profile model will be updated

REC leads will be analyzed and the engagement model updated, they were then going to be put into a lead nurture program

* Best in class:
MQL -> SAL = 90%
SAL -> SQL = 70%

HMH Eloqua Lead Recycling Program
Solution 9: 2020 lead source program

We created a program to assign:

  • Lead source original from lead CDOs
  • Create a lead source washing machine


I don’t really feel the need to talk about the impact to be honest.  The images tell you everything you need to know.

hmh campaign Influence Attribution Models
HMHEloqua SFDC Dashboards
HMH mult-touch Eloqua SFDC reporting
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