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Feb 13, 2020

The Top 10 Eloqua Reports

I often get asked by people, “Greg, what are your top ten out-of-the-box Eloqua reports?”

So here you go, another playbook – enjoy!

To read the full instructions provided by Oracle for all reports and functionality visit: https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCAA/Help/Insight/Insight.htm.

The following reports will probably be the ones you will rely on most of the time:

  • Campaign Analysis Overview
  • Campaign Analysis Overview by Segment
  • Email Analysis Overview
  • Email Clickthrough Link with Query String Breakdown
  • Email Bounceback Overview
  • Bounce Back History with Messaging
  • Contact Field View
  • Email Frequency
  • Query String Parameter Overview
  • Website Overview Report

This playbook runs through how to use reports using the Campaign Analysis Overview report as an example.

To access Eloqua Insight you need to click on Insight.

This will open a new tab and Insight will load

Campaign Analysis Overview

View engagement metrics for one campaign or multiple campaigns within the time frame selected. Track campaign performance easily.

Click on campaigns

Click into campaign analysis overview
Now you need to set the parameters, enter the start and end date of the reporting
Next you select the campaign (s) you want to report on specifically for that time frame.  If you want to report on all campaigns in this time frame do not check any boxes.  Click on select the campaign to display
Next select OK
You can now see all the campaign results based on the time frame you selected
You can further drill in to these reports on the numbers so you can get access to the contacts that completed whatever the action is.
Click on the link that has appeared, it will now open a new tab and click on ok.
Please note that personally identifiable data has been cut from the next image

You will now get a list of contacts

Close down any tabs you do not need and then click home to return to the Insight homepage.

The remaining reports are all accessible through the search functionality on the Insight homepage here


There are also a number of dashboards that you can use. To access dashboards click on Reports and then Dashboards

You will see a number of dashboard reports

Campaign Analysis Overview

Click on campaign analysis

You will now have a large report that you can alter parameters and then drill into.

The top of the page is where you can set your reporting parameters

First of all you can change the date range
You can also change the type of campaign as well
Once you have set your parameters you will now be comparing all the campaigns that have been run lower down in the report.
You can now also drill into each campaign to get their individual campaign reports.

(HINT: right click on the report you want and then select open in a new tab)

You report should look like this

Each report is made up of several sections, at the bottom of the report are all the emails that were part of that campaign.

Individual Campaign Reporting

Navigate back to the dashboards homepage, you will see Individual Campaign Reports.

Enter a campaign name and then click view.
This will then take you to the afore mentioned report

Email Opens by Device Metrics

Email Opens by Device Metrics is a dashboard that tells you what devices / operating systems your contacts are using.
Click on Email Opens by Device Metrics

The second section details email opens by mail client

The third section details email opens by operating system

Email Analysis Overview

Email analysis overview provides a dashboard report of emails. Click on Email Analysis Overview.

You can now change the date range and email groups.

At the bottom of the report you can see all the emails in the parameters that you set.

From here you can click on an individual email report to pull up their dashboard.

You will now see the Individual Email Report

Individual Email Reports

Navigate back to the dashboard homepage and click on Individual Email Performance.

Type in the email name of the individual email that you want to create a dashboard report for and click View.

You will now see the individual email dashboard report

Overall Form Performance

Navigate back to the dashboard homepage and click on Overall Form Performance

You will then see the form reports dashboard.

At the time of producing this playbook Eloqua was not currently being used with forms. To drill into this dashboard you can change the parameters for the time and the type of form.

Landing Page Performance

Navigate back to the dashboard home page and click on landing page performance

At the time of producing this playbook Eloqua was not currently being used with landing page.  You can scroll down and then view comparison reports of all landing pages that fit the search criteria.

For more detailed reports please contact your analytics team – or me!

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