Eloqua Technical Articles

HMH: Eloqua campaign reporting on SFDC Dashboards

Client Challenge HMH approached Automate2Revenue who I was contracted to with the following objectives: Deliver SFDC CMO dashboards in Early 2021 that reflect current lead management state Agree on an approach for lead and campaign management using industry best...

Eloqua Tool: Eloqua Blind Form Submit Tool

Using the tutorial I have created here: https://greg-staunton.com/eloqua-blind-form-submit add in the different things you need to create your blind form submit in the tool below. Simple!

Eloqua Training 2.0: Eloqua Blind Form Submit

I quite often get asked during implementations for functionality over and above clickthroughs on emails or request that button on their website do things that they wish to use form processing functionality for. Well, the geniuses at Oracle came up with blind form...

Designing an off the shelf lead nurture engine for Oracle

A few years back Oracle asked me to design an off the shelf partner lead nurturing engine that they could use to enable their partners to market to their own databases on a shared instance of Eloqua. They essentially wanted me to architect what I had created when I...
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