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If you are looking for an Eloqua partner you have come to the right place.  It is a daunting task selecting the right Eloqua partner too.  First of all you have different Eloqua partner tiers.  Then you need to know what it is you are looking for so you don’t burn budget.

What does and Eloqua partner tier mean?

It means how much money the Eloqua partner pays Oracle for their tier, it is not a reflection of the developer or consultant you have, they are interchangeable.  Look at me.  I have and sometimes still work for Oracle Diamond tier partners.  If you engage in my services through one of them you will pay double or treble.

I work on conjunction with an Eloqua full service agency called Pl8ypus I have founded to provide you with the perfect Eloqua partner with two services which overlap:

Eloqua Contactor Contact

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Eloqua Campaign Delivery
Eloqua Campaign Delivery

Long term or short term, you may be looking for an Eloqua partner to do your day to day Eloqua campaign build and reporting.  I have founded Pl8ypus, an agency that will deliver your Eloqua campaigns.

Eloqua Custom Development
Eloqua Custom Projects

Should you require more custom development from your Eloqua partner you will be dealing with me directly.  I will scope and deliver your project utilizing my agency should you have a heavy Eloqua asset build requirement.  

Eloqua Campaign Delivery

If you choose us as your Eloqua partner, your end to end campaign production service will be carried out by Pl8ypus, a full service agency that I have setup which will deal with developing all your campaign assets, setting them up, scheduling them and finally reporting on them. I have set the Eloqua campaign delivery process up using a ticketing system as the backbone using my experiences working in various different agencies to give you an unparalleled experience. You will simply upload your briefing document to the client services portal and be able to see at a glance, exactly which stage of delivery each asset and campaign is at whilst being able to see your up to the minute invoice for services rendered. The services you can expect are:

Eloqua Partner PortalClient Portal

You will login into the client portal where you will be able to upload briefs for new campaigns, see the exact status of each Eloqua campaign or asset you have requested and see an up to the minute invoice.

Eloqua Partner ManagerDedicated Eloqua Expert

No more program managers – the person who builds your assets is also the person you will talk to on the phone. Trust, honesty and integrity can only be achieved through personal relationships.

Eloqua Asset CreationEloqua Asset Creation

Your assigned developer will create all your Eloqua emails, landing pages, forms within 3 days of you uploading your campaign brief to the custom portal. An automated workflow will provide an audit channel and streamline asset delivery.

Eloqua Campaign DesignEloqua Campaign Design

Your Eloqua campaign will either be setup using a pre-agreed template, for example a webinar campaign or we will create a custom workflow. This will then be fully tested to ensure no unwanted surprizes.

Eloqua Segmentation​Eloqua Segmentation

Our team will prepare the data in whichever format you choose, provide you with a data count that you will approve and then your Eloqua campaign is launched.

Eloqua Campaign ReportingCampaign Reporting

Each month you will be given a report detailing your campaign and asset performance. Improvement recommendations will be provided for the following month as well as itemized billing should you require it.

Eloqua Custom Projects

Sometimes there will come a time that custom Eloqua work is required; this ranges any topics over and above typical day to day activities. Whilst it is possible to request my services on a one off basis, I have found that my clients like to use me on an ad hoc basis.

Here are some of my Eloqua blog posts

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