Eloqua Salesforce Integration

No matter if it’s a new integration you need or updating an old one, I will architect, build and deploy the most efficient integration possible.

Eloqua Salesforce Integration

A standard integration service should take no more than two weeks.  We will set up sessions with the client marketing team, their sales team and their Salesforce administrator.  We will then produce a technical specification document for them to review.  Once we get approval we will build out the client integration, provide them test scripts for testing and then move to go live.

Our Eloqua Salesforce Integration approach makes it quicker than ever to synchronize marketing and lead data with Salesforce as well as pipeline information, giving the client sales team accurate, up-to-the-minute information on how marketing campaigns are driving sales.

Harnessing the power of the Eloqua Integration Studio or the Eloqua Salesforce integration app we will deliver what appears to be a packaged out-of-the-box connection to Salesforce with the added bonus of our enhanced program methodology for pushing lead and contact data back to Salesforce.

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Working in collaboration with both sales and marketing, together we will map out the entire client’s integration workflow from contact information through to marketing activities.


Our team will build, test and document our client’s entire integration before handing it back over to our client’s Eloqua technical team. We will continue to make updates until you are 100% happy with their Eloqua SFDC integration.

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When the client wants to take control of their Eloqua SFDC integration then we will train any staff they require.  Then fully hand it over with sign off so we can meet the Eloqua implementation project acceptance criteria.

Data can be pulled from any salesforce.com object and its related objects. Eloqua supports integration with Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Salesforce.

Eloqua pulls all recently modified and newly created leads and contacts into salesforce.com, and updates the related records within Eloqua. This also includes changes such as a deleted a lead and/or a lead converted to a contact.

When visitors submit web forms, they are checked against the Eloqua database to stop duplicate lead records from being created in Salesforce. As leads update their information through these forms – the new information is pushed into Salesforce and the related record is updated.

An Eloqua integration will synchronize the key data elements needed to maximize the combined value of your marketing campaigns and Salesforce These include:

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign members
  • Opportunities
  • Custom Objects

Eloqua can also track and send actions back to Salesforce to allow sales users to know if a lead has been browsing the web site or opening emails you have sent. Activities include:

  • Website visit
  • Form submission
  • Email opt out/unsubscribe
  • Email bounceback
  • Email clickthrough

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