Eloqua App Review: Relationship One Asset Name Generator

Dec 10, 2019

Relationship One asset name generator app

This is seriously cool – a huge shout out the guys and gals at Relationship One.  The Relationship One asset name generator app.  The Eloqua Asset Name Generator app is used to standardize Eloqua assets such as:

It is 100% Free, all you need to do is set up an account with Relationship One which you can do here:


Simply enter your details, you will get sent a confirmation email and then verify your account by clicking through.

Before you install the app though you will need to have an Eloqua naming convention in place.  If you don’t have one, or even if you do please read part one of this guide which will teach you how to build an Eloqua naming convention and has a downloadable template to use with the guide.

How to install & setup the Relationship One asset name generator app

To install the Eloqua name generator app, open Eloqua as normal and you will need to go to you will need to go to:


Now you will need to click Accept and Install.

Once installed you will need to enter in your Relationship One user credentials.
Now you need to set up your Eloqua naming convention.  You will need to put in each column heading from the Eloqua naming convention generator tool in the area for name.
Next you need to set the field type, you will see that you have four options:

  • Text
  • Picklist
  • Numeric
  • Date


In this instance we have chosen picklist.  Now click on the picklist icon.
Now set the name and the value for each of the things you want in your picklist, to add a row click +Add, when you are finished click Done.
Now build out the rest of your Eloqua naming convention generator tool by clicking the +Add button and adding in each parameter that you need to have in your Eloqua naming convention tool.
Once this is set up you need to choose your delimiter, this is the character that will be set between each of the naming convention parameters.
Finally if you have used date in your Eloqua naming convention you must set it using predefined conditions.
Finally click Save.
Now the app Eloqua naming app is ready to use

 How to use the Relationship One asset name generator app

The Relationship One asset naming app is very simple use, navigate to any part of the Eloqua platform in either the Orchestration or Assets areas.

You will see a cloud icon in the top right hand side of the platform.
Now go along to build an email and you will notice that it is still there, click on it and then click on Asset Name Generator.
The Relationship One Eloqua asset naming app will now show, click on it.
Use the picklists and free text fields to create your Eloqua asset name.
As you go down the list your asset name will be created and will show at the bottom.
Click on copy
You will see a message that says it has been copied below the Eloqua name.
Now go to save your asset as usual and then paste in your Eloqua name.
And there you have it – seriously cool huh!

If you got to this page and want to know how to develop an Eloqua naming convention tool please read my first blog post here.  It also contains a download link for an Eloqua naming convention generator tool.

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