Eloqua Lead Nurture: Deltek Case Study

Jun 19, 2021

In early 2013, Deltek launched the “In Hand” integrated campaign aiming to generate leads from a list of 100 top prospects from the professional services sector – predominantly within architecture and engineering, marcoms and IT consulting firms. High impact direct mail (DM) and targeted email (eDM), offering sharable content drove the contacts to a personalized, Eloqua microsite. The messaging focused on the benefits of Deltek’s offering, enabling businesses greater insight into projects to maximise staff utilization, develop and improve client relationships and ultimately achieve higher profit margins.

Below is the Oracle Markie submission that was taken into consideration for the award of best EMEA lead nurture campaign.

Who did your campaign target?

Type of organization:

  • Top 100 Prospect accounts


Eloqua Lead Nurture Segment

Describe your solution and the steps required to implement.

Campaign asset overview:

  • 1 x High Value direct mail piece
  • 4 x Emails
  • 1 xPURL Microsite consisting of:

Focused on lead generation, the ‘In Hand’ campaign used high-value direct mail at its core – targeting a pre agreed prospect list to drive them through to a personalised microsite built on the Eloqua platform.

The high-value direct mail piece consisted of a metal box which contained winter accessories including gloves.  The first piece of this campaign was very time specific given the nature of the contents, however the unusually harsh winter we had enabled this campaign to suffer a minor setback at the start which was very fortunate!

A list of target accounts was provided by Deltek sales which was loaded into eloqua.  This list was then downloaded with each contact PURL.  Each PURL was then added to the high-value direct mail piece so we could both track and personalize the microsite to the visitor.

Each prospect was sent a high-impact item as well as a series of emails  driving them through to the campaign microsite (inhand.deltek.co.uk/go/)


  • Initial campaign email driving through to the campaign microsite – segmented by audience sector and personalised. Sent out in 2 waves:
    • Wave 1 to entire base
    • Wave 2 as a follow up to non-opens
  • Personalised content email highlighting campaign infographic & video
  • Industry relevant case-studies (planned)

Each email carried a similar theme.

Eloqua Lead Nurture Email
Eloqua Lead Nurture Landing Page

The 5 page site was built around each of the four benefits the Deltek solution enables (win new projects, manage relationships, maximize project profitability and optimize staff utilization). Calls to action on the site, each of which was gated content, included:

  • Request a free demo
  • Request a call back
  • Download a case study
  • Download white paper
  • View infographic

Visitors coming to the site using their PURL meant that we could use dynamic content to personalize based on fields in the contact record for example first name, but more importantly serve up the case studies which were appropriate to their industry sector, whitepapers appropriate to their job title and content to persuade people based on primary research we had gathered to find out what was important to these people based on the industry sector / job title mix.  This was all achieved through data standardization on the contact record and dynamic content blocks on each of the pages.

As well as using ADC we used social sign-on with all the forms.   Since we were using uploaded Eloqua landing pages because we wanted to use lightbox forms we had to create a dummy page using the Eloqua WYSIWYG editor and add social sign on to this.  We then ripped the code and repurposed it for use in a lightbox form.

When visiting their Eloqua PURL, clicking different call to actions triggered notifications to sales executives who could follow up prospects within 24 hours and shape their conversation around their particular interests.

Additional activity, including sharing content through social media channels and search optimization is on-going to drive inbound leads, which will then be logged and followed up in 24 hours by sales executives.


Campaign structure:


Eloqua Lead Nurture Campaign

Underpinning this all was a campaign specific lead scoring program which updated a lead rating against each contact record using a new contact field.  Deltek integrated this new contact field with their instance of SFDC.  There were five lead ratings for all contacts in the high value direct mail piece that Deltek will be sent out their prospects, and three for the rest of the database:

Type of contact



DM Only

Pre-Set (DM contacts only)

5. Receives the DM but doesn’t activate Eloqua PURL

DM Only

Has visited any page on the microsite

4. Activates their Eloqua PURL


Contact submits valued content form

3. Download / Interacts with the content


Contact submits valued content form and requests a call back

2. Requests a call back


Contact submits valued content form and requests a demo

1. Requests a demo


The feeder for the lead rating program will have the following two conditions:

  1. Contact is part of the DM contact group AND they have visited the microsite
  2. Any contact that submits the form


How long did it take to implement your solution?

The Campaign planning started to take momentum in October and November of 2012 with creative undergoing approval in December and January. The campaign went live with the high-impact DM hitting desks in the last 2 weeks on January 2013.


Eloqua Lead Nurture Project Plan

Share the measurable statics and response rates of your campaign. If possible, this should include impact to your business (revenue, pipeline, etc.) not just email performance metrics.

Waves 1 & 2 total sends


Waves 1 & 2 open rate


Waves 1 & 2 click through rate

Content email total sends


Content email open rate


Content email click through rate

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