Add favicon and page title in the Eloqua responsive landing page builder

May 14, 2019

I am currently creating some Eloqua landing page templates for a client using the new (today is the 13th May 2019) Eloqua responsive landing page builder.

First of all the new Eloqua landing page builder is really pretty cool – so well done to the Oracle Eloqua development team for coming out with this! Five stars for you!

The Eloqua landing page builder makes it really easy for non-technical users to create bulletproof landing pages. It has lots of features, a nice drag and drop interface, offers a load of flexibility and best of all is actually responsive. You may laugh but the old editor was awful and the templates Oracle offered us were nasty. I don’t like to trash talk the Eloqua platform but I feel that now the old landing page editor has nearly been resigned to the dustbin it’s ok.

Enough of the praise. It does have two things I noticed straight off were lacking. First of all it has no way of setting the page title and secondly it doesn’t allow you to set the favicon.

Since I am on the train back home I thought I would share with you the way I managed to set the page title and the favicon in a real quick blog post.

Background: Hopefully you know what a favicon and a page title are but just in case you don’t here goes. A favicon is the little image that shows up in your browser tab. It is mainly a branding thing. The page title is the text that shows up in that tab.

Disclaimer: I searched topliners initially and found three posts with different solutions.  I tested the two that looked more advanced but for me they didn’t seem to work – therefore I have given you the simplest solution that I know for sure works.

Step 1. Add a Custom Code content area at the top of the landing page

Click on the Custom Code content area in the Eloqua responsive landing page editor then drag it over on to the empty cell

Step 2. Click in to the Custom Code content block that you have just set

Click into the Custom Code content block and an editor will appear

Step 3. Modify the code below and drop it in

<title>Page Title – Site Name</title>
<link rel=”shortcut icon” type=”image/x-icon” href=”https://your.link.to/your/favicon.ico” />


This simple three step process will set both your title and favicon every time on your Eloqua landing pages.

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