Eloqua Training: 101 Contact upload

Sep 13, 2019

1.1 Eloqua Contact Upload Overview

There are two parts to a contact upload in Eloqua that that need to be considered:

  • Contact upload
  • Interest list association

It is essential that you follow through with each of the procedures listed when importing contacts to the Eloqua platform. Failure to do so may result in you not being able to find the contacts that belong to you at a later date.

1.2 Eloqua Contact upload & interest shared list association

The first step is to import contacts. Navigate to Eloqua > Audience > Contacts

Click on Upload

Click on the cloud to begin the upload

Select the file you wish to upload.  They must be either a .CSV or an .XLS file.  The upload wizard will take you to the next stage. Excel can save special characters bizarrely, so if in doubt use .CSV.

Click on next step

Match up your source fields with the target fields you wish to upload into.

Do not change Uniquely Match Contacts on Email Address, this is because the Unique Identifier for all contact data in Eloqua is the email address.

If you need to match some up, double click on the target field you wish to set your source field to.

Once complete click on Next Step

Now set the interest shared list that you wish to import these contacts to.  Click on Use Existing. (You need to have created your shared list for that)

This will bring up a new window.  Drill into the folder in Eloqua and select the list that you wish to add your contacts to.

Once you have identified your business area contact list select it and click on Choose.

Finally click on Finish and your upload will commence.

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