Should I launch an Eloqua Agency?

Nov 14, 2019

For a number of years before becoming an implementation specialist, I worked in and ran a number of agencies dealing with a multitude of Eloqua clients.  Early next year I am very seriously considering launching an Eloqua only agency.  I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you as part of my marketing research.

Eloqua agency name

I have three different names that I am toying with:

  • Platypus
    Easy name, marketing giveaways are easy!
  • Blackjack16
    A lot of history here, was my callsign in Afghanistan
  • January11
    The date that Eloqua was incorporated, good story
What should my Eloqua agency be called?
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Eloqua agency pricing

I will have fully transparent pricing based off a rate card.  Each line item will have a length of time allocated to it, i.e email build: 1.5 hours.

How much should Eloqua services be charged at?

Pre-launch customers

I am going to be using technology to make the user experience much better,  imagine the simplicity of ordering a pizza, you can see precisely what stage things are at from order processing the delivery.  That’s what you will get with my agency.  You will also be able to see at a glance how much you have spent that month and exactly on what.  Optimistically there will be no teething problems but realistically there may well be.

What type of discount and for how long do you think are acceptable for customers who sign pre-launch?

Length of time

Non-Recruiters only

Do you use an external agency for Eloqua help right now?
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Do you think I should I take this step and launch an Eloqua only agency?

How do you want my Eloqua agency to operate?

This is a contentious issue.  Personally, I strongly believe all work should be carried out on your account at the office in Britain and you should have access to the person doing the work, not a program manager.  Other highly reputable agencies, my competition, prefer offshoring at $30 per hour, charging you a markup which keeps costs low and gives you an onshore account manager to over see things.

Where do you want business to be conducted?
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How do you want our internal structure to work?
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Recruiters only

Would you be happy working with an agency and updating your contracts accordingly, dealing with me alone when it comes to contractor style jobs?

Thank you for voting – If you are interested in hearing more please use the link below to learn more about becoming a pre-launch customer.

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