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Cigna Healthcare

Cigna are more than a health insurance company. They are their customers partner in total health and wellness. And there for them 24/7 – caring for their body and mind.

As a global health service company, Cigna’s mission is to improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those we serve by making health care simple, affordable, and predictable.

Their values are the core of our culture. Their values guide how all 74,000 of their employees around the world work together, serve their customers, patients, clients, communities, and deliver on their mission.

Client Challenge

Cigna Healthcare needed an Eloqua partner to help them with their day to day Eloqua campaign tasks alongside several development tasks.  The biggest challenge was having an old, unclean limited database with a poor Eloqua / SFDC Synchronization.



Day to day campaign tasks surrounded a webinar series but with an unclean database we were experiencing a high level of bouncebacks which was causing issues with deliverability due to temporary blocks being given by enterprise email security systems.

To get around this problem we would use the last number of the contacts assigned Eloqua contact ID to bucket contacts from different data sources into five groups that would send emails out with ten minute intervals.  From here it was possible to determine if this data source was going to cause unacceptable levels of bouncebacks and the campaign could be paused to determine how we would proceed.

The two major development projects were:

  • Eloqua SFDC integration
  • Twilio SMS integration



Sadly due to personal reasons I had to stop work on this contract with Cigna healthcare.  They were very forgiving, gave me time to try and sort things out but I had literally just had the worst thing to ever happen to me and I was unable to return to working for anyone for quite some time.

Greg Staunton

What is Eloqua?

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