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Client Challenge

ReturnPath had challenges in three key areas:

  • Personas
  • Database health
  • Lead scoring

All of the problems in each area essentially fed each other.  Poor database health, meant that they could not perform detailed profile scoring and in turn, incomplete information meant that they could not adopt persona marketing for their outgoing communications and campaigns.

Return path did not previously have a lead scoring model in place and all leads from sender score got sent straight into a lead que that was then profiled and called up by two dedicated tele-services teams.

In essence their challenge was that they were sending one shot generic email communications to their entire database.  In turn they were routing anyone that signed up for their Sender Score product straight to an expensive teleservices team that was there to pre-qualify everything.



Each area was dealt with as a separate stream.  These were then dealt in a three phased sequence:

  1. Database health
  2. Persona development
  3. Lead scoring

Database health

The first step being able to facilitate persona development or lead scoring was to have a clean, healthy Eloqua database.  Several options were considered:

  • Teleservices canvasing
    The teleservices team would be engaged to run a huge outbound call campaign on the database the missing information.
  • One time data cleanse
    The database would be uploaded to a platforms and set against certain rules and then data appended – one time only, then resent back to ReturnPath for import
  • Database append service
    An external service such as D&B could be bolted on to Eloqua and have the data they were looking for constantly refreshed with the most up to date data that D&B had.
  • Profile update campaign
    An Eloqua campaign would be set up that would have gated content which would update the contact record facilitating gaining the most up to date information
Option Cost Speed Reliability Future proof
Teleservices canvasing        
One time data cleanse        
Database append service        
Profile update campaigns        

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