Eloqua Implementation DILO Sessions

We now have our senior client stakeholders on board. Now it’s time to find out what’s really going on with the client

Eloqua Implementation DILO Sessions

Whilst each Eloqua implementation is different,  the initial Day In the Life Of DILO sessions are identical.  We need to dive in to the client’s marketing organization and extract information in the following areas from either the entire team if practical or certain key individuals:

  • Marketing Maturity
  • Marketing Automation Maturity
  • Marketing Automation Technical Maturity

During each session we will ask a set of about 30 to 40 questions which will allow us to identify what the status quo is now and what areas our client wants to be more mature with in the future. 

 I have developed each questionnaire to be quantifiable through qualitative questions.  This allows us to create superb visual spider charts delving into each area. 

These charts will be played back to both senior client stakeholders and the marketing team themselves.  From this we will have confirmed to the client organization that we know what we are dealing with and we can adjust our timelines, resource allocation and update our training plan.


Marketing Maturity
Audience – Group
The questions around marketing maturity delve into a number of different areas outside of marketing automation. They will give us deeper insights into different marketing channels such as Social, SEM, Integrations, Campaign planning and development approach, marketing budgets, ops model, reporting, etc.



Marketing Automation Maturity
Audience – Individual
The next step is to individually identify the current skillsets and future aspirations of individual marketers.  This will allow us to identify the most receptive marketing members to help us with our Eloqua implementation.  People will identify their capacity to become a marketing automation champion and gauge the team receptiveness to our Eloqua implementation project.


Marketing Automation Technical Maturity
Audience – Individual
This final toolkit will demonstrate the technical competence of the marketing staff with their current platform and where they want to get to with Eloqua. Again this allows us to find the best people to engage with during the project and help us determine what level of technicality we will use in our implementation.

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