Eloqua Implementation RFP

The first part of our Eloqua implementation project is selling it. Let’s do more than sell it. Let’s build a dream.

Eloqua Implementation RFP

As with any decent sized Eloqua implementation project the first step to get through is the RFP.  Typically you will up against the usual suspects, your direct competition and one or two other agencies or firms that are close with the client.

This is probably the most important stage of the whole Eloqua implementation project in my mind!.  It is here that we either win the project or not.  Typically we will get a brief as to what the client wants to achieve, a small amount of the problems they are having and get set one or two meeting slots or sets of questions that we can ask.

I have a well-rehearsed set of questions that will allow us determine:

  • Exactly what type of Eloqua implementation we will be doing
  • What size of team we will require
  • What skill-sets our team will need
  • How long the project should take
  • How we can tangibly turn their pain list into a set of deliverables
  • A list of my personal case studies and anecdotes that we can use as references

I will help you write out the Eloqua implementation response to the RFP and create your pitch deck.  No doubt you have a template already and an RFP response format that you wish to stick to. That’s perfect.  Everything we put together becomes the start of our partnership to a solid Eloqua implemented for the end client and up-skill your team.

Finally if required I will come onsite with you and help you sell this project.  I can play any role you want me to from being at the front presenting to sitting back as a trusted adviser.  The end result will be the same.  We will win this project.

Please be advised, when I come to work for you I prefer to be white labelled.  I won’t be working for any other clients so for all intents and purposes I am your employee.

Eloqua implementation RFP analysis
Together we will dissect the Eloqua implementation RFP that you have been given. I will provide you with a number of key questions and we will start to shape the RFP pitch deck.


Written Response
I will help you by taking on parts of the written response back. Of course this will be passed back to one your consultants so they can update the language style and tone.


Eloqua implementation RFP call
If we have the opportunity for an Eloqua implementation RFP call I will provide a set of questions and brief your project lead what they mean. I will if appropriate join the call and if necessary either drop chat messages to the call leader or interject myself for more detail in any areas.

Eloqua implementation RFP Pitch Deck
The data gathered from our sessions with the client will lead to the creation of an Eloqua implementation RFP pitch deck. I have loads of examples of what worked, what didn’t and slides to help us open up topics of conversation or switch the tone of conversation. I will then fulfil any role you want me to to whilst we successfully sell our Eloqua implementation project.

Hire an Eloqua expert today
Now you know my Eloqua implementation RFP approach, let’s talk about what you need me for.

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