Eloqua Implementation Project Planning

I’ll take the burden and time out of project planning with a number of off the shelf toolkits I have have developed over time

Eloqua Implementation Project Planning

Now that we have won the RFP pitch we need to hit the ground running on our Eloqua implementation.  One of the first things we are going to asked for by key stakeholders on the client side is a project plan.  Typically we will have a key set of deliverables that have been agreed on during the RFP pitch.

These key deliverables will be known as project milestones or epics depending on whether we are using Agile or waterfall methodology for our Eloqua implementation project.  The typical things I have come across are:

  • Eloqua smart start and platform stand up
  • CRM integration
  • Marketing asset template creation
  • Website integration
  • Eloqua lead scoring models
  • Eloqua lead nurturing campaigns
  • Bespoke Eloqua platform training
  • Design of Lead nurture campaigns
  • On-going Eloqua support

Through many years of experience of delivering Eloqua implementation I can break these project milestones or epics down into a large set of sequential steps that we can break down into backlog items that can be placed in sprints. 

Being sequential each of these sprint items have ordered and come with complete white label slide decks which are used to both educate the client, drive informed decisions and push this Eloqua implementation project along at our pace.  Whilst we have an aanalyst converting our slide decks to the clients PDF templates we will then be updating Jira so we can upload our entire project in one go.  Our Eloqua implementation project planning will take us days, not weeks.

The project plan is very robust and it is expected that even more back log items will come out of DILO sessions with the client, our global kick off meeting and all the way through our Eloqua implementation.

I have the following tools available off the shelf to help us set up initial project plan before we have even met the client marketing staff:


Project Plan (Excel) for initial planning and stakeholder meetings
The off the shelf project plan simply needs dates added to it. It already has the length of time each task should take us (down to team member) to complete directly embedded meaning that we have total flexibility. This takes into account 40 hour working weeks and bank holidays. Once we have decided our sprint lengths we can simply shift our sprint items into the appropriate sprint and then show this to stakeholders.


Jira project upload
After some initial Jira configuration and/or some slight modification from our end if our client has a way they want to work or doesn’t want three week sprints, we can simply upload our entire project. This includes, backlog items, sprints, labels, epics, dates, the whole shebang.


Meeting scheduling template for each sprint
To substantially reduce time in sprint planning there are also pre-planned templates outlining way-points along each sprint item. Each of these way-points are meetings scheduled after a realistic time frame has passed for certain key tasks to be done. Each way-point also come with an agenda and expected outcome.

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