Eloqua Training: For beginners

Nov 22, 2019

Eloqua training for beginners

I had a subscriber reach out to me thanking me for the training articles I have put together so far but they are a little earlier on in their Eloqua career so they asked if I could put together a basic fundamentals training package.  Oddly enough when I have been on Eloqua implementations this is also one of the first things I am asked to provide.  So in response I have decided to put this Eloqua fundamental training package together for you and for my future Eloqua students next time I am on an Eloqua implementation.

Eloqua Overview


My Eloqua overview

Eloqua Orchestration


Creating a simple email send in Eloqua


Creating a multi-step campaign in Eloqua


Eloqua program canvas overview


Creating an Eloqua contact program

Eloqua Assets


Eloqua Design Editor


Adding images in the Eloqua design editor


Adding buttons in the Eloqua design editor


Adding hyperlinks in the Eloqua design editor

Eloqua Emails


Creating an email using the Eloqua design editor

Eloqua Landing Page


Creating an Eloqua landing page with the design editor

Eloqua landing page overview

Creating an Eloqua landing page

Eloqua Forms


Creating Eloqua Forms with the design editor

Setting up Eloqua form processing

Embedding an Eloqua form in an external web page

Using static values in form fields on Eloqua forms

Overview of progressive profiling

Eloqua component library


Uploading images and files to the componant library

Eloqua Audience


Uploading contacts to Eloqua

Introuction to Eloqua custom objects

Creating field merges with Eloqua custom objects

Creating field merges using Eloqua query strings

Creating a lead scoring model

Eloqua Reporting


Running a report on Eloqua insight

Creating an agent in Eloqua insight

Adding views to an insight report

Exporting or printing an Eloqua report

Introduction to Eloqua dashboards

Working with report columns in Eloqua insight

Eloqua Sales Tools


Eloqua sales tools for microsoft outlook

Eloqua engage with insight

Eloqua Apps


LinkedIn campaign manager app

Eloqua Misc


Creating label assignment for Eloqua contact level security

Eloqua Support


Getting help

Eloqua Training: 107 Eloqua Multi-Step Campaign

Eloqua Training: 107 Eloqua Multi-Step Campaign

Introduction to sample case to create your Eloqua multi-step campaign Sometimes you are going to need to create a multistep campaign.  The Eloqua campaign automation engine is arguably the most powerful one in existence.  In this scenario you are going to be creating...

Learn how to build CMO dashboards with Eloqua data in SFDC

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