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Welcome to my Eloqua blog

Coming from a background in Eloqua development and marketing automation, here's where I provide insight into my career, my passions and my life.

Most of these posts are going to be inspired by real life Eloqua based situations that I am currently facing with clients. I am also going to review the different apps that I "integrate" with Eloqua and provide you with real life use cases for them. If anyone has anything they would like me to review or a situation they would like me to look into get in touch using the contact page and I will do my best to have a post up within about a week.

Eloqua Lead Nurture: Deltek Case Study

In early 2013, Deltek launched the “In Hand” integrated campaign aiming to generate leads from a list of 100 top prospects from the professional services sector – predominantly within architecture and engineering, marcoms and IT consulting firms. High impact direct...

Eloqua Persona Development: Return Path Case Study

What is an Eloqua Persona? Eloqua Personas are customer archetypes of typical, target users representing a group of people with shared behaviors, goals, pain points, and delighters (things that can make them happy). Eloqua Personas are different from marketing...

HMH: Eloqua campaign reporting on SFDC Dashboards

Client Challenge HMH approached Automate2Revenue who I was contracted to with the following objectives: Deliver SFDC CMO dashboards in Early 2021 that reflect current lead management state Agree on an approach for lead and campaign management using industry best...

Eloqua Tool: Eloqua Blind Form Submit Tool

Using the tutorial I have created here: https://greg-staunton.com/eloqua-blind-form-submit add in the different things you need to create your blind form submit in the tool below. Simple!

Learn how to build CMO dashboards with Eloqua data in SFDC

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